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Temara Moore, here!

Thanks so much for picking up my first title, "Bloop Bloop!" Goes the Poop.

If you're the caretaker of a little one, you know that potty training is one of the most exciting, yet frustrating  parts of raising kids. 


I wrote this book while potty training my own little boy.  To make things a little bit more fun,  "Bloop, Bloop!" became our potty time catch phrase.  I 'm so happy to share it with you and your little ones.

I truly hope that you enjoy this book. If you love it, please feel free to leave  a 5 star review on Amazon.com.

Happy Potty Training!

Temara Moore

Author of "Bloop Bloop!" Goes the Poop

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I purchased this book for my almost 3 year old who is currently potty training and having issues with holding and eliminating. I was looking for a book hat helps explain what it feels like when it’s time to go and what he should do. This book nails it. It explains it well for a child to understand and doesn’t give graphic details or pictures. Great addition to our potty training collection. Highly recommend if your toddler is going through something similar.

- Amazon Review

This book is amazing!! Our son had been pee trained for months but was deathly afraid of pooping on the toilet. After we started reading this book and a couple others he finally tried pooping on the potty! The book rhymes so it’s fun and easy to read. I would highly recommend this to any parents struggling with a poop withholding child.

- Amazon Review